Five Easy Steps To Bespoke Dressing                  


​Whether it is a ticket for the races or an invitiation to a society wedding, you may decide that an outfit from the High Street just simply will not do the deal.  Venturing into the world of bespoke dressing can be scary.                                                                                

What is the best way to approach a designer?

Top of the list rule is allow plenty of time.  Most companies will require at least 6 weeks maybe 10 to supply.  Ordering fabric and embellishment takes time.  It is better to be able to make decisions at your own pace, than be rushed into something due to an ordering deadline, only to regret it later.

Research various Ateliers in your area.  You may get recommendations but it can be, that friends will like to keep their little secrets all to themselves!  Be prepared to to visit some companies to see what they have created in the past and ask about the sort of outfit they would suggest for your event.  Ask about their delivery proceedure.  It is quite normal to have the garment made and attend a final fitting, a week before the event so that there is time for any final tweaks.  The main thing is to have a rapport with the designer or sales person so that they listen to your ideas, whilst advising and interpreting into a great look.

When you have one or two you like, you will probably make an appointment for a consultation.  They may request a fee for this which could be refunded against the order.  To get the best out of the consultation think about these points.

  1. Take along one or two outfits you like and feel good in.  This will help the designer understand your style.  They may have some pieces in a current or past collection they can show you, that would complement that style.
  2. If you have any accessories that you would like to try and use, take those too.  It may be an heirloom piece of jewellery, some shoes or a hat that could be redressed.  These would also suggest a colour scheme.                                                                                                    

  3.  This is probably obvious but think about the possible weather and venue.  It may well be a summer event but what is the possibility  of being plunged into a sudden chill by an over efficient A/C system, or having to keep up polite conversation whilst out in the elements waiting for people or schedules.  It may be the choice of a base layer or a discreet wrap that disappears inside you bag.  The Couturier, will want to help you create the perfect look.

     4.   Underwear is another point.  This can make a big difference to your shape and measurements that are taken.  Plunge line, Balconette ​or minimiser alone give very different looks, before you even consider body shapers.  Just be sure you are comfortable with them.  You might be wearing them all day.  Try anything new out first

     5.  Be honest.  Are you really going to diet before the day, or do you have a diary full of business lunches and wedding breakfasts before the date?  You are going to look fab in your individual outfit.  You don't want it to look too small.  Clothes are so much more flattering when they fit perfectly.

So all you need to do now is keep those fitting appointments and have a great time!


We are also able to offer bespoke orders.  This could range from a size or colour variation on collection pieces or a complete design service.  Please ctact us for more details. or telephone 0845 643 6481 ​(local rate)